The Journeyman

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It’s 5 am. The world is still asleep. You have been awake for the last half hour. You are told to throw your gear into the back of a car and hop in. Everything is unfamiliar. The world is clothed in darkness. You don’t know where you are going, you don’t know your new companions, and you have no idea whats in store. One thing is adventure has just begun. Join us for the Fayettechill Yoga Adventure Series this year starting in March. Wake up with the rising sun, friends, family, and strangers as we venture into the wilderness to a disclosed location for a yoga experience. Song: Little Chief - Prelude

Talented and terminally chill, Team Fayettechill is composed of athletes from the most prominent and competitive outdoor sports inherent to the Ozark Mountain region. These athletes represent the sports we love and are happy to show the world how and where to do them.


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