Special Run

Slowly but surely - we're growing more and more into the Ozark Mountain Smokehouse we call home. Most recently, the downstairs of the Smokehouse has been turned into a multi-use Chillin' room, led by the developments of Frank Sharp, the owner of the building. Some nights the Chillin' room is used to host non-profits around the area, other times classes of students use it for their studies and organizational meetings, other nights the Fayettechill crew hangs out after hours - taking advantage the pool table and bar Frank brought into the building. Needless to say, its easy to relax when you're in the Smokehouse.

Talented and terminally chill, Team Fayettechill is composed of athletes from the most prominent and competitive outdoor sports inherent to the Ozark Mountain region. These athletes represent the sports we love and are happy to show the world how and where to do them.


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